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New Antioxidant for Technical Plastics


Would a traditional AntiOxidizer work on Polymers such as Polycarbonates, Polyester or even Polyamides (NYLON)?

The most recommended are secondary AOs (decompose hydroperoxides) based on phosphorus, as they are highly efficient thanks to their high affinity with peroxides through hydrogen bonds.

However, most of these AOs have poor hydrolytic stability, as they form phosphoric acid on contact with water, which can cause damage to equipment.

To counteract this weakness, CHITEC has designed the REVONOX 608, whose structure has a high phosphorus content (Spiro phosphates), guaranteeing hydrolytic stability, and without losing its high thermal stability, since it allows maintaining its properties at high temperatures, above 280ºC.

Therefore, discoloration is visibly less. Best results are obtained if used in conjunction with a primary AO, which is responsible for scavenging free radicals.


  • High hydrolytic and thermal stability.
  • High color stability.
  • Maintains properties during storage.

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