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Decomet® range: vacuum metalized pigments by Schlenk

What are the characteristics of the Decomet® Range?

Decomet® is the name of SCHLENK’s range of vacuum metallized pigments (VMP). The manufacturing process makes these pigments extremely fine, and in appearance they are extremely smooth and highly reflective when applied on foils.

How are processed the pigments?

The production of modern aluminum pigments is done through a wet milling process in ball mills (Hall process). Gold bronze pigments are made through a dry milling process (Hametag process). The process begins with the grinding of atomized aluminum powder to the desired particle size and shape in turpentine or mineral spirits, with the addition of lubricating additives. After a screening and classification process, the pigment suspension is pressed and the press cake is adjusted with solvents to a metal content of usually 65%.

If the final product requires a solvent other than hydrocarbons (e.g. pastes in water, water-miscible solvents, or other types of solvents), the press cake is dried and the powder is re-pressed with the necessary solvents or water.

Schlenk manufactures a wide range of metallized pigments, including the Decomet® range of vacuum metallized pigments (VMP). This Schlenk series is produced by releasing aluminum from metallized films. The aluminum is further processed and the particle size is adjusted. These pigments are considerably finer and offer a substantially smoother and thus much more reflective surface than conventional aluminum flakes.

Depending on the production process, we distinguish between:

  • Cornflakes – standard flakes with rough edges and uneven surfaces.
  • Silverdollars – refined flakes with smooth edges and flat surface.
  • Vacuum metallized pigments (VMP) – ultra-fine and very smooth flakes.

Where can the Decomet® range be used?

These pigments can be used in sheetfed offset, gravure, flexo and screen printing inks. They can achieve effects similar to those produced with metallized substrates and foils, and since they are non-foil, the effects can also be tinted with color pigments. Special compositions for water-based and UV curable inks complete the range of this attractive product range.

About Schlenk :

SCHLENK is a manufacturer that produces metal effect pigments, aluminium, copper and copper alloy powders for technical purposes as well as metal foils and strips for a wide variety of industries.

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