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Producto Ramafast

Ramafast Green range: Phthalocyanine green pigments

What are the characteristics of the Green Ramafast Range?

The Green Ramafast range is composed by Phthalocyanine green pigments. This is a synthetic green pigment from the group of phthalocyanine pigments, a complex of copper(II) with chlorinated phthalocyanine. It is a soft green powder, which is insoluble in water It is a bright, high intensity color.

Uses of Green Ramafast range:

Due to its stability, phthalo green is used in inks, oil paint, coatings, and many plastics. In application it is transparent. Being insoluble, it has no tendency to migrate in the material. It is a standard pigment used in printing ink and packaging industry.

At Kadion, we can distribute the Green Ramafast Range from our partners from Ramdev Chemicals:

  • Ramafast Green YL 51 is a Copper phthalocyanine green. It is odorless powder pigment used in the production of printing inks, paints, and coatings. This product has a bulk density of 0.55 to 0.65 gm/cc and a moisture content of < 0.5%. Recommended for air drying enamel, stoving paints, acrylic paints, industrial paints, headset UV curing, screen inks and liquid inks. Complies with following regulations: lS01 4001:2004, EEC Directive 67l548lEEC and water risk class: WGK O.
  • Ramafast Green YL-P 52 | PG 7: Copper phthalocyanine green. It is odorless and insoluble in water, Bright, heat stable and with standard yellow shade. Compatible with LDPE, HDPE, PVC, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and polystyrene. Recommended for all plastic applications, rubber, electrical cable, and fiber. Complies with following regulations: lS01 4001:2004, EEC Directive 67l548lEEC, water risk class: WGK O.

About Ramdev Chemical Industries:

Ramdev Chemical Industries is a manufacturer that specializes in phthalocyanine pigments for the Paint and Coatings and Graphic Arts and Inks industries. This company utilizes its highly qualified chemists and technicians to create a wide range of products that include phthalocyanine blue pigments and phthalocyanine green pigments. These products are mainly used in painting inks, paints, coatings, and more.

For more information and product recommendations, formulation questions, application issues, and more, contact our experts about Green Ramafast Range.