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Adhesion promoter for inks UAP-11002

What is adhesion promoter or adhesion?

An adhesion or adhesion promoter in inks is a chemical additive used to improve the bond between the ink and the substrate or surface to which it is applied. Increases the ink’s ability to adhere or stick to the substrate, ensuring better ink coverage, durability and resistance to rubbing or smearing.

Adhesion promoters act by altering the surface properties of the substrate, creating a more favorable environment for ink adhesion. They usually contain compounds that promote wetting, increase surface energy or provide chemical interactions with both the ink and the substrate.

How do we apply it in inks?

Inks are typically applied to a wide range of materials, such as plastics, metals, glass, ceramics and other substrates. However, different materials have different surface properties, and some substrates may be inherently difficult to bond due to their low surface energy or other factors. Adhesion promoters help overcome these challenges by improving ink-substrate interactions and promoting better adhesion.

HUBERGROUP adhesion promoter UAP-11002

HUBERGROUP UAP-11002 is a stable organic titanium complex in 2-propanol without TAA. It shows good compatibility with NC, Polyurethanes, Polyamides, Maleic Resins and other binder systems. It can be used in inks to improve the adhesion of solvent-based flexo or gravure inks on various substrates, such as OPP, PET, metal, etc.

By using adhesion promoters in inks, manufacturers can achieve better print quality, improved adhesion and increased durability, ultimately improving the overall performance of printed materials.

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