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Can you imagine a UV absorber that stays “anchored” and does not migrate to the surface?

Chiguard® R-455 – Chitec

This is exactly what happens when formulating with Chiguard® R-455, specially designed (under patent) when maximum protection is required. Works for waterborne and solventborne systems.

.. but, how it works?
In the structure of this product there is a diol group, which reacts with the isocyanates and forms urethane bridges, allowing it to become part of the polymeric chain.

… what are the benefits?
The main advantage is that the absorber, being “anchored” in the product, does NOT MIGRATE to the surface!, improving exponentially the mechanical degradation, yellowing and loss of color and gloss.

… any other advantages?
It also increases the photo permanence time, even reaching the levels of triazine chemistry absorbers.
Tensile strength is also increased, so coatings will be stronger.


  • PU dispersions
  • PU coatings
  • PU glass adhesives and sealants

You can request a sample or the product data sheet at the following link: