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Solvent-free anti-floating additive

Lanco Antifloat D14 – Lubrizol

If you have observed color irregularities on the surface, it may be because the pigment has separated from the binder due to incompatibilities, this phenomenon is known as pigment flotation.

The Lanco Antifloat D14 is an effective anti-floating agent for organic and inorganic pigments.

As a solvent-free additive, it can be used in multiple systems: : water-based, solvent-based and “Solvent Free”

Recommended for use in all types of paints, including the construction industry where the use of metallic pigments and iron oxides can cause flotation defects in the final product.


  • Stabilizes pigments during application avoiding the appearance of streaks.
  • Reduces shade variation and hiding power.
  • Reduces the formation of Bernards cells (mainly occurring during solvent evaporation)

You can request a sample or technical information about the products in the following link.