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How can we formulate the solvent when a low VOC content is important?

Solsperse 11200 – Lubrizol

Solvent alkyd paints continue to be used because of the great advantages they offer:

  • Exceptional wetting of the substrate; consequently, they offer higher gloss.
  • During air drying, alkyds are cross-linked by oxidation, leading to very high molecular weight networks that further improve their chemical and corrosion resistance properties.
  • Hydrophobicity, wich contributes to excellent resistance to water and humidity
  • Greater adhesion

But how can we formulate the solvent when a low VOC content is important?

Options include high solids formulations, which would reduce the amount of resins and solvent required, but, at the same time, tend to have longer drying times and reduced chemical/corrosion resistance properties.

So, what can we do to improve the balance of properties?

The use of a dispersant specifically designed for high solids content can help, and if the solvent it comes in has been highly refined and hydrogen reacted to convert aromatics into cycloparaffins, with very low aromatic content and low odor (Shellsol™ D40), it guarantees better VOC results.

SOLSPERSE 11200 meets these requirements, as it has been designed for this purpose, comes with 50% active polymer in Shellsol D40, while reducing the viscosity of the system to achieve a high solids content, and in addition:

  • COLOR Development Assistance
  • Improves ENDURANCE
  • Paints with higher BRIGHTNESS