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New PR 146 intended to comply with OEKO-TEX certification!


If you are looking for a stronger yellow shade for textile application, our partner COLOURSCAPES has developed a new grade that has better dispersion and color strength in water.

Synthesized in water by coupling diazonium salt KD with naphthol AS-LD, it offers good rheology, gloss and fastness.

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a useful tool to assure consumers that they are purchasing items that do not present a health hazard or have a negative impact on the environment during manufacturing.

Even when Oeko-Tex® is not applicable to pigments, COLOURSCAPES assists our customers by performing routine analytical tests on products recommended for textile applications to ensure that the pigment can meet Oeko-Tex® requirements.

Request a sample or the technical data sheet by clicking on the following link: